new earth visioning project

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Hello family, friends ❤

I’m sure we could all use a bit of positivity in these trying times – me especially! I know there’s things occurring we should not and cannot ignore, but I know it definitely helps me to take a break now and then and remember why we’re all going through this, and what we’re working towards. With a huge amount of credit to a couple of lovely Twitter friends, I think I’ve arrived at an idea for a good use for a blog space I’ve had for a while, but until today couldn’t think of a useful project for it. I’ve decided to create a space for us all to come and share what we’d like to see in the months and years ahead.

I believe we are most likely on the verge of a NEW EARTH (as opposed to the lesser desirable GREAT RESET – nah, no thanks!). I have an idea of what I’d like it to look like, but I’d love to hear about what YOU want to see moving forward.

It may be a lot of hard work to put things right, but if it’s been built BY us and FOR us – and means that future generations can live in peace, it will be worth it and I’m all in.

Please head over to OUR [NEW EARTH] VISION to leave your comment

I look forward to hearing from you x