A girl needs downtime, even a mature girl. Yes, I’m a “mature” gamer girl and proud of it. We creatures aren’t as rare as you might think.
Back in 2002, I started playing SimsOnline to socialise, being and introverted agoraphobe, one day I met an awesome fellow gamer. She introduced me to her family and to the world of MMRPG’S and I haven’t looked back since. We played Star Wars Galaxies, Everquest 2, WoW, and Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2. These days you’ll usually find me in RUST or WoW. To anyone not interested in gaming, it may sound a little bizarre, but I honestly attribute a large part of my recovery from agoraphobia to playing these games. Having adventures on the screen and my head, eventually led to trusting going outide again – and I think it actually helped me keep what was left of my sanity.

Here are some (mis)adventures I care to share 😉